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Keep Your Seattle Business Safe With Our Security Camera System

Keep Your Seattle Business Safe With Our Security Camera System

A security camera system from Eagle Eye Video Surveillance can keep your business protected by giving you an eagle eye view of what matters to you. High Definition commercial security cameras that cover key areas of your operations even when you are away.
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We typically suggest using a wired security camera system to accommodate the amount of data commercial security cameras require. This large amount of data is required for the best detail of up to 4K and high frames per second to provide the best documentation.

Flexibility is key to our security camera systems as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any business. Our systems allow you to watch live, record continuously, or simply when the cameras detect movement. We can even adjust where the movement is detected with in the camera shot for high traffic areas. Both of these settings will help record only the videos that are important to your business and save on device storage space. Ultimately extending the amount of time your DVR or NVR retains documentation for your business. Allowing you to help design the best security camera system for your business.

How Does a PoE Security Camera System Work?

A PoE security camera system, is a power over ethernet system, where the cameras get power as well as transmits your videos through one ethernet cable. This is most commonly used with network security camera system also called IP security camera systems. These PoE security camera systems are the best option when you want the live video to stream to multiple places with a high resolution. This is because the IP cameras are hard wired to the internet with its own IP address. This is a great option for those that want to share their live view for example on their website or with a monitoring company. 

Find a Security Camera System in Seattle, WA, Today

Eagle Eye Video Surveillance, LLC specialists work to custom design each security camera system in Seattle, WA, to the specifications of each of our customers. Choosing the best security camera system for your business could be a tricky task. We work with our customers’ needs and wants and try to make that fit in with the building or site. To learn more about our security camera system in Seattle, WA, contact us today.

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